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Written by: Sue Fisher and Lois Mann, April 1971

Step 1

Representative(s) of Clovia meet with:

  1. A group of interested girls to discuss

    • purposes of Clovia role of group such as Clovia in campus life procedures for becoming a Clovia Chapter issue invitation to visit existing chapter if appropriate getting a faculty advisor and Clovia Alum advisor (if possible) how to organize on campus
    • other questions or concerns

  2. College administrative representative(s) to discuss:

    • purposes of Clovia whether Clovia would be welcome on campus whether there is a need for cooperative style student housing on campus whether there is a possibility of potential housing for a group such as Clovia indicate interest of group of girls
    • procedure for recognition of a new organization on campus

Step 2

If the interested group of girls continue to be interested and the college administration seems favorable for welcoming Clovia, then the group needs to follow the appropriate steps in order to become a recognized group on the campus. These steps will vary from campus to campus but might include the following:

  • getting a faculty advisor(s)
  • getting a Clovia Alum advisor (if possible)
  • writing a constitution
  • electing officers
  • holding regular meetings
  • be in looking for housing suitable for the group
  • planning and conducting social and service projects

(This group might be known as Colony of Clovia or another name could be selected and used until such time as the group received recognition as a chapter of Clovia by the National Association)

Step 3

After campus recognition is achieved, a delegation from a near-by Clovia chapter can visit the group and initiate the founding members … those girls who wish to become Clovia members in a group called Colony of Clovia.

Step 4

To become an official chapter of Clovia, the members of the colony need to prepare a petition and present it to the National Association of Clovia. This petition can be in the form of a booklet that includes: constitution, statement agreeing to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the National Association of Clovia, statement from a college administrator welcoming the group to the campus, list of charter members, list of officers, history of group to date, and aspects of a pledge manual - purposes of Clovia, history of Clovia chapters, requirements for membership, officers and duties, finances, symbols, traditions, and songs (if any at this time). Upon completion of the booklet, the colony members can request an inspection visit by representatives of the National Association of Clovia. During the inspection, a pledging ceremony can take place. The booklet can be reviewed so that it is ready for presentation.

Step 5

Request for recognition as a chapter of Clovia can be sent or brought personally by a delegation from the Colony to a National Meeting. A report from those who conducted the inspection should be made at the same national meeting.

Step 6

All chapters of Clovia (active and alum) are requested to vote regarding admission of the new chapter.

Step 7

Assuming approval votes, the installation of the new chapter is planned and conducted by representatives of he National Association of Clovia. Some of the arrangements for the installation can be investigated and organized during the inspection visit. The newest chapter of Clovia has several traditional functions to perform at the installation ceremony.




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