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A transfer Clovia may become an active member of the chapter which she is applying to with full active rights and privileges after being approved by the active chapter by obtaining a ¾ majority vote and going through an acquaintance period to be decided by each house not to exceed one term. The girl can become an alum of the chapter of her choice.

A letter from the previous chapter may recommend and introduce the transfer.

Beta Chapter

  1. The transferring student's original chapter or the girl herself officially notifies the chapter at the student's new school that a transfer is about to take place.

  2. The new chapter contacts the girl, welcomes her, asks her to call the chapter house and attempts to help her become acquainted with her new school and the new chapter.

  3. At that time, early in the term, the transfer student states her intent formally to the chapter as to whether she wishes to be a guest or an associate member or apply for actual membership assuming all the rights and privileges with the exception of voting and holding office.

  4. At the end of any term the girl can request approval to go active from the chapter.

  5. The new chapter decided this according to means provided in their local constitution for accepting new members (i.e., interviews, voting, etc.).

  6. The new chapter informs the national association and the alumni chapter that such a transfer has taken place so that the first alum chapter can transfer any paid portion of the life membership fee.

  7. Each chapter will form its own ceremony for the welcoming of the new actives into the chapter.




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