A Sisterhood of Leadership

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Who We Are

Our Mission: “The mission of Clovia is to provide a sisterhood for former 4-H women to come together in a living situation, which promotes the life skills originally learned as part of their 4-H experience.”

The Alpha of Clovia Alumni Association

  • The Alumni Board guides the women of Clovia.
  • We Provide leadership and support to our members.
  • We have regular meetings between alumni advisors and members – Alumni advisors attend house and full member meetings.
  • The alumni chapter is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the house’s furnishings and decorations.
Alpha & Beta Alumni

How Do I Support the
Clovia Alumni Association?

The generosity of our sponsors and donors enables us to provide high quality programs for Clovia members that prepare them for success in life and gives them the skills to be highly productive citizens throughout their lives.

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Make sure we have your updated information.

A few years ago, we became aware that the membership list maintained by the Kansas 4-H Foundation, boasting over 1,000 members, may not be up to date. In today’s society, where individuals often relocate after college, it has become increasingly challenging to maintain accurate membership records.

Additionally, many of us have embraced electronic mail as our primary form of communication, favoring its speed and convenience over traditional mail.

Consequently, it is imperative for us to update the database by adding email addresses. To facilitate this, we have developed our own database that seamlessly integrates with the Kansas 4-H Foundations’ database. With this internal database, the alum association gains the capacity to promptly and effortlessly provide information and event announcements to its alumni.