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Finish the Deal!

Dear Clovia Sisters and Supporters: 

As we share the exciting news of being homeowners, don’t forget we still have a goal of fundraising to keep our home for the future!

Thank you to all our generous Sisters who contributed to the “Down Payment Campaign.” Your dedication to Clovia allowed us to make a down payment of $450,000, which is more than 45% of the total price of the house.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to rest on this accomplishment because contributions over the next five years are crucial to our ongoing success. As we will need slightly over $100,000 each year to pay off the terms of our loan, we are ready to start the “Let’s Finish the Deal” phase of our campaign. 

Paying off our loan in five years is a lofty goal but one that will prevent the additional costs of refinancing while allowing us to meet ongoing maintenance needs as we move toward total House ownership.

The alumni association is diligently working toward securing 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Until then, if you would like to receive the tax benefit from your donation, please follow instructions below to donate through the Kansas 4-H Foundation.

We are seeking long-term supporters as well to ensure the Clovia legacy. To pledge your support, click HERE or the button below.


donating to the Kansas 4-H Foundation is tax deductible!

Mailing address:
Kansas 4-H Foundation
1680 Charles Pl, Suite 100
Manhattan, KS 66502

If you would like to donate to Clovia through the 4-H Foundation, there are two main accounts you can contribute to. If you mark your donation as “Clovia Capital,” it will go towards the endowment fund that helps maintain the structure at 1200 Pioneer Lane. 

Alternatively, if you would like your donation to support renovations and other projects organized by the Alumnae Association, please mark it as “Clovia Project” fund. This information applies to all types of donations, including annual giving and estate planning.

Take action today and make a difference by donating to Clovia!